Beurer DS61 Nutritional Analysis Scale

by Beurer
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The diet scale is the ideal companion for informed nutrition. It has the nutritional and energy values for 950 saved foods and helps you keep on track to reach your goal.

  • Kitchen scales that show nutritional and energy values
  • Nutritional scales show: calories, kilojoules, carbohydrate, cholesterol, fat, protein and bread units
  • A must for those who suffer with obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol
  • LCD display is easy to read
  • Automatically switches off

Are you 100% confident in what you are eating is good for you, and are your eating habits healthy? We are in a world where our diet and health are areas in our lives that are becoming excessively important. We all know what our guideline daily amount is; we see it everywhere we go. But how do you know what you are really putting inside your body, especially when you’re cooking at home?

Beurer DS 61

We are all aware that our decisions in our diets consequently affect our health. That doesn’t mean that we should only eat food that Bugs Bunny would eat; we know that we need a sufficient amount of all different types of food to keep us healthy. Studies have proven that the three main health risks that are associated with our diets are obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

The Beurer DS61 nutritional scales can help in creating a healthier you. If you love to cook, the Beurer diabetic food scales are perfect as they display all the information that you need to know when you are watching what you are eating – or if you are just curious!

These advanced kitchen scales feature an array of functions that aid in keeping the meals you make healthy. The functions display kilocalories, kilojoules, carbohydrate content, cholesterol content, fat content, protein content and bread units. So if you’re counting calories, watching your cholesterol or being cautious of your balance, the Beurer DS61 is the second to none appliance that your kitchen deserves.

Beurer have designed these exceptional weighing scales that determine the energy and nutritional value of 950 food products; the scales have developed 950 unique codes to each and every one of the 950 products, allowing you to know what exactly is in your food.  So, if you choose to weigh and calculate how much fat sunflower oil has before putting it into the pan or how many calories has balsamic vinegar got before adding it into your homemade salad dressing, these weighing scales do exactly that. And if that wasn’t enough, Beurer have also allowed an extra 50 spaces for you to create your own codes that may not already be allocated.

The magnificent health and wellbeing brand, Beurer, sell only the state of the art products that are beneficial to you. With thousands of products that are made with cutting edge German design, Beurer have been awarded the celebrated brand of health and wellbeing of the century.

Keep on top and be in full balance in your health and diet, with the help of the Beurer DS61.