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BRITA Style XL Water Filter Pitcher Jug, One Maxtra Cartridge Included - 3.6L Blue

by Brita
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 Water filter Jug with new LED Smart light.

  • Featuring Micro Carbon Pearls which reduce chlorine and organic impurities improving taste and odour of food and drink
  • BRITA MAXTRA+ contains Ion Exchange Pearls which permanently absorb metals and reduce limescale protecting appliances against scale build up
  • Fresh tasting water without plastic bottle waste for just a few pence per Litre, plus Smart LED light that measures the time and volume of water, notifying you when it's time to replace your cartridge
  • Large, countertop design with 2.3 Litre filtered capacity and 3.6 Litre total capacity, featuring a flip top lid with silicone strap design for easy refilling, dishwasher safe except the lid
  • Items delivered: 1 x BRITA Style XL water filter jug in blue with 1 x MAXTRA+ filter cartridge which lasts 4 weeks and is recyclable.

Trust BRITA’s innovative MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology to give you pure, fresh tasting water, enhancing your favourite cuppa and also protecting your kettle or coffee machine from limescale build up.

Just pence per litre

Each cartridge filters 100 litres, so enjoy purer, fresh tasting water at home for just a few pence per litre.

Recyclable BRITA filters

Sustainability is not a fad for us, we have been recycling our cartridges since 1992. All parts of BRITA cartridges are properly reused or recycled.

Excellent UK BRITA Care

Free replacement parts, where available, including electronic indicators. Register your product to extend the cover from 2 to 3 years.

Tap water flows through 4 filtration stages:

  1. A fine mesh filter reduces particles such as sand or rust
  2. Activated carbon made from natural coconut shells reduces substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine
  3. Ion exchange resin reduces limescale (carbonate hardness) and certain metals such as lead and copper
  4. A special fine mesh filter retains particle mixture