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Joseph Joseph BarWise Bottle Opener Gift Set - Blue, 2-Piece

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SKU JJ20091

2-piece bottle opener set combines our BarWise™ Corkscrew and Magnetic Bottle Opener in one great value gift set!

  • Set includes: Easy-action winding corkscrew and Any-way magnetic bottle opener
  • Removes corks in one easy action
  • Easy-action winding corkscrew also includes an intergrated foil cutter
  • Any-way bottle opener catches caps as you open and has a convenient 360 degree operation
  • Dishwasher safe
BarWise is a stylish range of bar tools that combines innovative function with intuitive design.
Each product in the range has been carefully designed to make opening all types of capped or corked bottles easier and more convenient.

Any-way Magnetic Bottle Opener

Has a convenient, 360 degree stainless-steel opening edge that means you can prise off bottle caps from any angle.

Once off, the caps are then held securely by the magnetic head, preventing them from dropping untidily onto the floor. Holds up to four bottle caps at a time.


Cap-collecting Bottle Opener

This ingenious design captures and collects caps as they are removed. Simply push the mouth of the opener onto the top of the bottle and then lever off the cap.

The cap falls inside the body of the unit ready for disposal later through the hinged base. Great for parties and picnics. Holds up to 16 bottle caps.

Easy-action Winding Corkscrew

Simply push the corkscrew down onto the neck of the bottle, grip the sides of the tool and wind the handle clockwise to drive the screw into the cork.

Continue winding and the cork is removed effortlessly from the bottle, without the need to lever or pull it out like a conventional corkscrew.

The design also includes twin foil cutters in the tips of its arms.

One-pull Waiter's Friend

This unique, angled design allows you to remove the cork faster than a conventional waiter's friend, in a single, smooth action - meaning you don’t have to be an expert to use one.

It has a non-stick coated screw thread that glides easily into corks, an integrated foil cutter and a magnetic bottle cap opener.

The Perfect Gift

All BarWise products come in premium, boxed packaging, making it an ideal gift for any wine or beer lover. Also available is the BarWise Gift Set- this great value, set of two includes both the Easy Action Winding Corkscrew, and the Anyway Magnetic Bottle Opener.