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Joseph Joseph Twistblade, Adjustable Palette Knife

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SKU JJ10149

TwistBlade™ has a flexible, stainless steel blade that can be rotated 180° at the push of a button, allowing it to be used for two different functions.

  • Push button and rotate blade to change function
  • Flat blade ideal for spreading icing and fillings
  • Dropped blade perfect for smoothing inside baking tins
  • 18 cm (7 inches) flexible stainless steel blade
  • Integrated tool rest reduces mess. Dishwasher safe
This clever palette knife combines two styles of blade in one versatile utensil – a flat blade for spreading icing and fillings and a dropped blade for smoothing inside baking tins. 

In the top position, the blade is ideal for icing cakes and spreading jams and fillings. In the dropped position, it’s perfect for smoothing food inside dishes and baking tins.

It also features an integrated tool rest to help keep your worktops mess-free as you bake.