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KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speaker Pair - Gloss Black

by Kef
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KEF’s LS50 Wireless Powered Speakers deliver exceptional clarity and musicality - just like their award-winning wired version. With touch controls on the top panel and inputs and outputs on the back, the LS50 wireless is visually sleek and with a slightly extended cabinet size.

Each pair of speakers also boasts matching black trim rings and comes with its own diamond cut deco plaque and unique laser-etched serial number. The internals mirror the standard multi Award-winning LS50s at the same price point, so we're certain the audio performance will not leave you disappointed.

Curved Front

The curved front panel is made of DMC (Dough Moulding Compound: a polyester resin combined with glass fibre and calcium carbonate, which was selected for its mass and inertness. The rest of the enclosure is made from MDF and is heavily braced and strongly damped to minimise any resonances. The elliptical reflex port used to tune the bass on the LS50 is easily distinct from conventional models owing to its flexibility. This helps to reduce any unwanted midrange distortions.

Cabinet Design

Fashioning a slight casing accomplished in distributing such a roomy sound is the outcome of substantial study and development. In cabinet construction, baffle shaping and port design, LS50 breaks new ground with patent-pending technology. This is all made conceivable by KEF’s direction in contemporary research (counting Finite Element Examination and Computational Fluid). LS50’s unique technology offers by far the cleanest, most accurate studio-grade performance of any mini-monitor

 Black edition in stock, gloss black and white special order 3-5 day delivery