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Ken Hom Excellence 32cm Carbon Steel Induction Wok / Asian Stir Fry Pan

by Ken Hom
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Made from strong but lightweight carbon steel, offering excellent heat-conduction properties for high temperature stir frying.

  • A lightweight carbon steel wok finished with a two layer non-stick coating designed for stir-frying at high temperatures. Coated inside and out To provide a robust sealed coating for long-lasting endurance
  • The flat base ensures the wok is well-balanced so doesn't topple over when sat on the hob. It is also suitable for cooking on Gas, Electric and ceramic
  • Made from 1.4mm gauge carbon steel which offers great heat conduction making it ideal for high heat, High speed cooking - essential elements for stir-frying
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher. To clean, handwash with hot water and mild detergent if desired. Do not use scouring powder, abrasives or metal scourers as they may damage the non-stick coating. Thoroughly dry with a clean cloth.

  • Ken Hom Excellence carbon steel, seasoning woks combine practicality with the centuries old tradition that lies at the heart of Chinese cooking, seasoning your wok.

    Originally woks, like this one, developed their own non-stick surface from the build up of carbon deposits, a process known as “seasoning”.

    This wok must be seasoned before use and will then develop its own non-stick coating over time.

    Ken Hom

    “Many people ask me what my most used item in the kitchen is. My answer is always the same – the Wok – simply because that's really all you need,” 

    Ken Hom is a celebrated American chef and television-show presenter on the BBC, and when it comes to woks he knows a thing or two!

    Surprisingly, woks are hugely versatile pieces of cookware; suitable for stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, making soup and more. 

    Ken makes his Performance woks from carbon steel, which means they are all the more versatile.

    Carbon steel is a material with outstanding heat conduction, able to generate high heat for high speed cooking – an essential part of stir frying.