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Pioneer PL-30K Automatic turntable

by pioneer
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  • Fully Automatic Operation controlled by a single button
  • Built in phono pre-amplifier allows connecting the PL-30 directly to virtually any amplifier
  • Double layered chassis to reduce unwanted vibrations
  • Equipped with an exchangeable high quality Audio Technica MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge

The PL-30 is designed from the ground up with one single goal in mind: to extract all information that lies in the grooves of analogue records, in order to the most satisfactory musical experience.

This new turntable is fully automatic, which means that the tone arm will be positioned exactly above the very first grooves of the record and will then gently be lowered to start the music. All by pushing a single button. When the record is finished, the tone arm will automatically return to its base.

One of the key elements that distinguish a mediocre sounding turntable from a great sounding one, is the turntable's ability to eliminate vibrations. Vibrations will be picked up by the sensitive mechanics of the needle and the cantilever, and will then contaminate the electronics of the cartridge, degrading the musical signal.

The PL-30 has a double-layered chassis with a 4 mm metal bottom plate. Both protect the turntable against unwanted vibrations. Furthermore, the aluminium platter and the aluminium die-cast tone arm block any remaining vibrations, so the musical signal remains untouched. Even the 5 mm thick rubber mat that rests on top of the platter is designed to stop vibrations.

A unique feature of the PL-30 is the built-in phono pre-amplifier. It uses high quality capacitors in the signal path, to the best possible musical performance. This phono pre-amplifier allows connecting the PL-30 directly to virtually any amplifier, AV-Receiver or compact system. This is not possible when using an ordinary turntable, because an external phono pre-amplifier needs to be inserted to strengthen and to equalise the signal first. However, if needed the PL-30's built-in phono pre-amplifier can be bypassed as well.

The PL-30 is equipped with an exchangeable high quality Audio Technica MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge. It's easily possible to upgrade the cartridge at any given moment.

Box Contains

PL-30-K Turntable
Dust Cover with removable hinges
Adapter for EP Record
Balance weight
Headshell with cartridge
Power Cord
Operating Instructions