Polk Signature S35CE Centre Speaker - Black


Polk Signature S35CE Centre Speaker

The Polk S35e uses Dynamic Balance Technology to ensure a performance that always has a clean, full range sound. The technology is capable of analysing the speaker’s electro-acoustic and mechanical system for improved material selection and efficient geometry, to pinpoint and eliminate issues that potentially reduce the speaker’s performance. The tweeter of the S35e is a terylene dome tweeter, featuring curvilinear formers to extend response and lower resonance. The ceramic motor extends low frequency response for increased dispersion in the midrange, with the tweeter delivering detailed high frequency capable of producing 40 kHz for high resolution audio.

With mica-reinforced polypropylene custom mid-range drivers, the S35e centre is able to produce clean and clear bass with butyl rubber surrounds and four layer voice coils. Massive ceramic motor structures and high-temperature Conex fibre spiders combine to create high efficiency drivers with lower distortion and greater durability.

The S35e has a 4 inch slim profile design to fit comfortable under any TV without blocking a portion of the screen, or can be wall mounted. Placed in a vertical orientation, the S35e can also be used as a left or right speaker, working with other speakers in the Polk Se range in a surround sound setup to deliver clear and detailed dialogue and audio.

Constructed from non-resonant MDF, with 19mm thick baffles, the Polk S35e is rigid with acoustically inert enclosures that reduce unwanted resonance for less colouration to the sound, ensuring a more lifelike reproduction and a timbre-matched sound across the Polk Signature E range. The S35e also features gold plated 5-way binding posts, for a direct and efficient connection that is easy to set up.

  • Polk S35e Centre Speaker with one 1 inch terylene tweeter and six 3 inch polypropylene mid-bass drivers
  • Dynamic Balance Technology produces a clear and full-range sound, eliminating sound issues
  • Terylene dome tweeter with curvilinear formers for extended response and 40 kHz high frequency response
  • Mica-reinforced polypropylene midrange drivers with butyl rubber surrounds and four layer voice coil
  • Place horizontally as a slim-line centre speaker or mount vertically as a left or right channel speaker
  • Acoustically inert construction eliminates standing waves