QED Performance Miniature Subwoofer Cable

by QED

QED Performance Mini Subwoofer interconnects have been specifically designed to provide good signal transfer over long cable runs and effective shielding form external interference (typically mains hummeet these exacting requirements and enhance your listening experience. Whether used in a sub / sat speaker system or full-blown 7.1 digital surround-sound set-up, the Performance sub-woofer cables bring out the best from the active sub-woofer - tuneful basslines,explosive effects and superb integration with the main speakers.

The QED Performance Mini Subwoofer Cable is small enough to run under carpets (or almost anywhere else a normal sized cable is unable to be used!), this innovative new design offers the same high quality QED attributes - 99.999% OFC conductors, extruded foamed PE dielectric and an Aluminium Mylar wrap - as it’s full-size counterparts.

Performance Mini Subwoofer is a true high-performance sub woofer interconnect, designed to bring out the best from active subwoofers. 

  • QED Performance Mini Subwoofer Cable
  • 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
  • Foamed PE Dielectric
  • 2.50mm Diameter
  • Close Tolerance 24 ct goldplated phono plugs - PH3MB
  • Finish Pearl White
  • Lifetime Warranty