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Severin Espresa Espresso Coffee Maker Milk Frother, Steel

by Severin
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Become a barista yourself and simply prepare aromatic espresso or classic cappuccino at home.

  • Solid, professional filter-sieve holder with 3 inserts: suitable for one cup, two cups or ESE pods
  • Integral milk-foam nozzle (pannarello) provides versatile options for the preparation: for all types of coffee and milk specialities such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, americano and many more
  • Powerful thermo-block heating system ensures perfect-temperature espresso from the first cup – with 3 selectable temperature settings for individual enjoyment and practical fill-level memory
  • Fast heating-up, only 40 seconds – for espresso enjoyment without prolonged waiting
  • Adjustable shut-off time
  • Removable stainless steel drainboard and drip tray for easy cleaning

The coffee specialist is equipped with a solid filter holder and 3 inserts for one cup of espresso, two cups or ESE pads.

For a balanced aroma and a fine crema, the espresso is brewed at an ideal brewing pressure of 9-11 bar.

For the espresso moment alone or in pairs

The portafilter is equipped with a spout for 1 or 2 cups, so that you can also prepare fresh espresso quickly and easily for guests.

Intuitive operation

Thanks to the illuminated buttons, operating Espresa is child's play.

The control panel has buttons for preparing a cup, two cups or hot steam and for switching the device on and off.

Your starter set in the world of barista

Espresa offers you the perfect basic equipment for espresso preparation like in your favorite café.

The accessories package includes: a portafilter, three inserts for a cup, two cups or ESE pads, a scoop including a tamper.

Tampen like a pro

In addition to finely ground espresso powder, it is also important for the espresso with a full aroma to be pressed correctly into the portafilter.

This also ensures Espresa's ideal brewing pressure of 9-11 bar and the water can extract aroma evenly from the powder.

Fine-pored milk foam made easy

Whether classic cappuccino, creamy latte macchiato or a flat white - with Espresa, the entire coffee variety is open to you.

The espresso machine has an integrated milk froth nozzle (Panarello), with which you can simply make milk froth yourself according to your taste.

Just make latte macchiato yourself

Treat your favorite café to a break and make delicious coffee classics yourself. For Latte Macchiato, just make frothy milk and place in a tall glass.

Then carefully pour an espresso - the typical three layers are created automatically.


  • net weight: 4379 g
  • gross weight: 5443 g
  • product measurements (height): 305 mm
  • product measurements (width): 335 mm
  • product measurements (length): 165 mm