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Tefal SV8012 Express Anti Scale Steam Generator,

by Tefal
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With steam powerful enough to remove creases from any fabric, the Express anti-calc steam generator iron. produces fast and dependable results.

  • Up to 6.2 bars of pressure with up to 120g/min continuous steam and 400g/min boost
  • Easy vertical steam feature with Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate for fast and effortless ironing
  • Patented removable Scale Collector for lasting steam power and easy ironing
  • 1.8L removable tank for non-stop use and easy refills
  • Built-in cord storage with easy-carry lock for safety

More steam means faster ironing. With 6.2 bars and up to 120g/min continuous steam, Express Anti-Scale speeds up your ironing without compromising on results. So, you can get the job done quickly and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

For stubborn creases, there’s a 400g/min steam boost. Plus, it’s got an easy vertical steam feature that lets you start steaming 30 seconds after turning your product on** – ideal for those last-minute touch-ups when you’re in a rush.

Scale Collector: The Easy and Efficient Anti-Scale Solution

More than half of UK homes are supplied with hard water – the cause of limescale. Without an anti-scale solution, scale will build up inside your iron’s steam chamber, clogging your iron. As well as reducing your steam generator iron’s steam output, this will shorten your iron’s lifespan. Plus, scale particles can get pushed through the iron’s soleplate and stain your clothes.

Now for the good news: Express Anti-Scale is the first Tefal steam generator iron with Tefal’s revolutionary Scale Collector built in. Up to 10 times more efficient* at capturing scale, this patented solution is the ultimate weapon in the fight against limescale. Plus, it’s a cinch to clean: just pull it out and rinse it under the tap to remove all the scale in one go. That’s all it takes to keep your steam generator iron pumping out the powerful steam that makes ironing effortless.

Non-Stop Sessions

The Express Anti-Scale steam generator iron’s generous 1.8L water tank allows up to 2 hours’ use without having to stop and refill. When it’s time for a top-up, the tank is removable, so you can refill it easily under the tap.

Safe and Secure

Express Anti-Scale has a built-in cord compartment to keep things tidy. It also features an easy-carry lock. This attaches the iron securely to the base, making it safe and easy to carry to and from storage.

Repairable for 10 Years

Our products are designed for easy repair at the lowest cost for 10 years. Replacement parts will be fast-tracked to our 6500+ authorised repair centres worldwide.