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Flymo EasiLife 800 Robot Lawnmower Review

Flymo EasiLife 800 Robot Lawnmower Review

The EasiLife 800 is our best selling robot and for good reason.

Easy to set up & a breeze to maintain it’s a hands-off experience with the robot mower roaming, cutting & returning to the base all of its own accord.

The robot mower mulches the fine grass clippings & in doing so acts as a natural fertiliser promoting a healthy lawn whilst suppressing moss growth.

It’s designed to navigate gardens of all shapes & can cover areas up-to a generous 800m2. (To calculate your lawn size you can multiply the width by the breadth to get the square meterage).

The installation is straightforward & works by laying the supplied boundary wire around the perimeter to effectively create an electric grid by which the robot lawnmower works within.

Areas can be sectioned off during the wiring process (flower beds etc) and the bot’s collision sensors mean you don’t have to worry about it bumping into fixed structures like trees or in our case, climbing frames!

The EasiLife 800’s weatherproof shell can operate in all weather conditions so you don’t have to worry when the heavens open on a typical Irish summer day!

We do recommend bringing the robot mower inside over the winter months when the grass is no longer growing & the chill can wear on the long term battery life.

The Flymo EasiLife 800 comes with a 3 year guarantee & better yet we are now the authorised service agents in Ireland for Flymo.

Flymo is manufactured by their parent company Husqvarna in England & every bolt, washer & screw is available as a spare part should they need replaced.

If you’re fed up of wasting your evenings battling the lawn then get in touch with the team!

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