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Jura GIGA 10 Preview 2023

Jura GIGA 10 Preview 2023

Jura's flagship GIGA 10 is launching this Spring displacing the award winning GIGA 6 as the new benchmark in luxury automatic coffee machines. 

As we edge closer to the release we've summarised some of the key updates ahead of stock arriving from Switzerland.

Perfection. At the touch of a button.

First impressions... it looks the absolute business. 

The GIGA 10 has taken a nod from the Z10 with sleek convex panels flanking the signature Jura spout which is neatly finished in chrome. 

From every angle you get a feel for the craftmanship in the design & assembly of this luxury Swiss-made machine. 

The new multi-touch control panel features three screens allowing for some interesting feedback loops such as the selected beverage dynamically changing in real time when you customise the volume and/or ratio of milk.

This is a marked upgrade on the responsiveness of the 2019 GIGA 6 touch screen & further progress beyond the functionality of the 2021 Z10 series. 

Speaking of which, the GIGA 10 features Jura's cold brew extraction technology which was first debuted on the Z10.

The machine extracts cold water via a pulsing mechanism at high pressure for authentic cold latte or dare I say, a few espresso martinis.


The Jura GIGA series is well known for it's twin ceramic grinders which open up a world of possibilities for mixing blends or simply a decaf option for later in the evening. 

The GIGA 10 comes stacked with 35 specialty drinks available at a fingertip with a suite of customisation available such as increasing the foam on a cappuccino or reducing the strength of a black coffee. 

Like it's predecessors the GIGA 10 can breeze through upto 60 cups a day however it's worth pointing out that it remains a domestic machine & is warrantied as such.

Jura continues to push the boundaries & expectations of what's possible and we cannot wait until the machine arrives.

** For Jura GIGA 10 pre-order enquiries please feel free to email me directly

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