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Plastic-Free by 2020

Our New Year's resolution is to remove single-use plastic from our operations by the end of 2019. 

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by removing removing harmful and unnecessary materials.

Additionally, we will look to reduce waste from our operations by carefully considering the products we sell, how we sell them and how we fulfil those orders.

Great Products Built To Last

In 2019, we will double down on our highly-curated portfolio to ensure the goods on offer are built-to last and where possible, can be serviced in later life. 

For example, our friends at Tefal have committed to ensuring parts are available for their products for up-to 10 years. 

World Class Fulfilment

With the best carriers in play, we will work to remove waste from the last mile delivery focusing on first time delivery (on time / damage free).

For example, DPD advise a one-hour window or option of a safe place to increase the probability of a first time delivery and as a premium carrier, damage free.

Goods damaged in transit are particularly harmful as it requires a minimum of two additional journeys to rectify (collection and replacement) and the damaged product will in most cases be beyond repair. 

Waste Not, Want Not

Many of the products we offer are fit for transport without the need for additional packaging. In such cases, we will dispatch the goods in their original packaging.

For small and/or fragile items, we will continue to package with paper fill and recycled cardboard.

We will phase out plastic mailing bags, pallet wrap and other harmful materials throughout the year as and when we run out of our existing supplies.  


Since 2017 we have worked with a local recycling charity to process excess cardboard, plastic and aluminium. 

For wood, we have several local artists who re-purpose our pallet wood for one of a kind pieces of work. We also offer the wood to local farmers free of charge.

With cardboard, the greenest method is to re-purpose the boxes if at all possible. Therefore if your wondering why your new Sony headphones come inside of a Brita box, you'll know why. 

Own Goals

Fortunately, some problems are completely preventable. 

We will continue to work with our suppliers to maintain an exceptional level of accuracy in our product descriptions with a view to preventing wasted journeys due to in-accurate listings. 

Additionally, we will continue to learn from our peers to create a best-in-class pick and pack process to prevent orders being fulfilled incorrectly due to human error.